• Episode List (YouTube)

    Episode 13 | The best is yet to come! Keep going | Hello Diary - Host Shelbe Chang reads a recent Instagram post about not giving up even when you fail many times.


    Episode 12 | Shelbe Chang's Trans-Parency, Interviewed by John Lewis Rushing Jr. - In this special edition episode, we recap Shelbe Chang's interview with John Lewis Rushing Jr. from The Muse Evolution Podcast Show. We talked about Shelbe's self-discovery of her Trans Identity, her trials, and tribulations from coming out to social and professional challenges, and even touch upon her coming out.


    Episode 1 | Trans Owned with Michelle Herman - Interview with trans entrepreneur and business owner, Michelle Grace Herman of Trans Owned (transowned.co).


    Episode Two | Coming Out During Covid at Work with Carrie James - Interview with transwoman Carrie James and transitioning on the job, during Covid.


    Episode Three |Life & Work with Gina Jet Ortiz - In this episode, we interview Gina Ortiz, trans ally and makeup artist. Gina is a long-time makeup artist/photog for trans and bi-gender communities in LA.


    Episode Four | How Covid Transformed Our Lives and Businesses? - In this episode, we talk about what inspired us to start this podcast show and how this show came about, how Covid has changed our lives, and how we do business. We also chat with Solomon Daniels at Podcast Place in Long Beach about how he started his business during a pandemic.


    Episode Five | Transitioning, Investing, and Compounding with Kathryn Swain - In this episode, Kathryn Swain, the Founder of LGBTQInvest, shares her personal transitioning story as well as her professional story. At age 21, Kathryn began her career at Merrill Lynch in Baltimore while working full-time and finishing her undergraduate degree by night. Over the next 15 years, Kathryn expanded her presence in the registered investment advisory business, becoming one of the top RIAs in Northern California–eventually overseeing more than $350 million in client assets, and ultimately achieving her career goal of joining Goldman Sachs as an executive. After transitioning, she became frustrated in her search for a Wall Street firm that would not only treat her with respect and dignity as a trans woman but would also share her same passion for socially responsible investing and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. She resolved to create that firm herself and LGBTQi was born.


    Episode Six | From Hid in Plain Sight to Hides No More with Livia Wolfe - In this week's episode, we have Livia Wolfe on the show. She’s a transgender woman who hid in plain sight for most of her life. She hides no more! She is a Human Rights Activist, Mental Health Advocate, Runway Model, Media, and Fashion Coordinator, Actress, Speechwriter, BTS Photographer, and was a stepmother to three girls and two boys.


    Episode Seven | Painful but Intimacy Experience with Paula Grippi
    In this week's episode, we have Paula Grippi, the owner of Advanced Electrolysis & Permanent Makeup, talk to us about one of the most important steps of MTF transitioning, electrolysis.


    Episode Eight | Finding Nia with Nia and Katie Chiaramonte - Get to know an amazing couple and hear their story as they grow from elementary school friends and high school sweethearts and blossom into queer women. An inspiring and empowering story of friendship, love, transformation, and hope.


    Episode Nine | 9 Financial Issues That Affect the LGBTQ+ Community

    Today, as we celebrate LGBTQ+ pride month, we want to highlight a challenge we don’t talk about enough when we talk about LGBTQ+ issues. It costs more to be our true selves. Pay and wealth gaps affect every marginalized community in our country. You’ve probably heard about the gender pay gap that affects women in the workplace, but we hear a lot less about the barriers LGBTQ+ people face to building wealth. In this episode, we pointed out nine common financial challenges LGBTQ+ folks face today and how we need to address them in our lives, and then find solutions to overcome them. Episode Notes w/ Source of Information


    Episode Ten | There is only one way forward... and that is to be Myself with Tawni Sofia Acosta - Part 1 of 2 - In this part one episode with Tawni Sofia Acosta, she shared her transitioning struggle story, including her marriage and depression. She felt there was no other way or choice but to move forward. Tawni is a Certified Hypnotherapist, author, volunteer, and advocate within the LBGTQ community. Prior to her current career, she worked as an Engineer and Project Manager in Information Technology for more than 20 years specializing in technology for TV entertainment.


    Episode Eleven | There is only one way forward... and that is to be Myself with Tawni Sofia Acosta - Part 2 of 2 - In this second part of the episode with Tawni Sofia Acosta, she shared her surgeries experiences and her new career after the full transition.