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    The weekly podcast is about life transformation stories, business, investment, entertainment, and more in the trans and LGBTQ+ community.


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    -Thank you, Jennifer! We are really proud of the guests we have had so far!

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    Thank you so much, Veda your support is inspiring!

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    Thank you, Tina! Her excitement is so contagious!

  • About the Hosts

    Shelbe Chang

    Shelbe is an award-winning filmmaker and a woman of many skills and talents. Currently, Shelbe is a Realtor in Southern California. She is also an entrepreneur with several different business ventures. She has been involved in the local trans community for years and her friendly, outgoing demeanor has helped make her a good friend to many! When Shelbe's not conducting business, she continues to advocate for the Trans community and its causes.


    For more info on Shelbe click here.

    Michelle Grace Herman

    Michelle is a social worker but has left that field to pursue her entrepreneurial goals. She is the Founder/CEO of Trans Owned, the online directory for trans and non-binary business owners, and Flourish Social, a branding and social media management agency specializing in working with small businesses. Her passion is helping trans and queer women become self-sustainable business owners and job providers.


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